Biggest Loser Contestants 2014

Biggest Looser is one of the most popular shows in American TV. This reality show started in 2004 and it is still currently aired. The show focuses on overweight people struggling to lose weight. In the show, you can see what contestants have to go through and you learn different things about weight losing and healthy nutrition habits. All the participants have to lose weight in order to stay in the show, if they do not lose weight as expected, they are eliminated from the show.

Contestants are thus eliminated until one remains and becomes the winner, or better said, the Biggest Loser. There is not a minimum weight to be in the show and contestant must follow a nutritional plan that was specially designed for them by a specialized team. There are different versions of the program in different countries like Argentina, Australia, Germany, Iceland, Portugal, Russia, among others.

Among all the biggest loser contestants 2014, Rachel Frederickson was announced as winner. The 24 years old females enter the season 15 of the competition with 260 pounds, and her weight at the finale was a little more than 1000 pounds. Everyone in the show and in the media, were literally shocked, especially after comparing the before and after photos.

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